It all started with a dog…

Tessa at 5 years old ~ Copyright Amanda Jones Photography 2005
Paws of Distinction was born in 2005 out of the knowledge that we could do better for pets and their people.

As a pet lovers ourselves, whenever we traveled we would search out small local shops to bring presents back for our dog, Tessa. After a lot of traveling and a lot of shops, we realized that, more often than not, what we kept seeing was the same thing over and over again. Lots of made in China products, in the same boring store styles, with the same limited selection of commonplace big brand items. Why did every store feel so utilitarian, and where were all the awesome small brands we loved?

Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, we knew we could create a better a pet shop. So with our family behind us, and armed with an ideal, we set out to create a pet specialty store that we would want to shop at. A store that would focus on high quality products from the independent brands that we loved and knew other pet owners would love as well! A store that would be a cornerstone in the pet community, a place that supported rescue, education, and the human animal bond, not just another retail establishment.

Even though Tessa hasn’t been with us for a while, and although times and tastes have changed, we never lost the drive to always find the best new products and brands available for pets today. With Bob and Ellie by our side, we continued working to offer our customers a curated shopping experience backed up by years of knowledge and experience, and by our never ending love for the animals we all share our lives with. Though COVID19 has made it a challenge at times and we’ve faced some difficulties, we have been lucky enough to survive as a business thanks to our wonderful customers always continuing to support us.